Paypal at the Store

Find Out How to Pay At The Store Without Your WalletEventually PayPal users will be able to pay directly through point-of-sale terminals in the store

Have you ever gone to the store and while checking out remembered that you left your wallet at home? Soon this will no longer be a problem.

Soon it will be possible to use your paypal account to pay at the store. That’s right. Paypal just announced a deal with discover that will make it possible.
You will be able to enter a pin, phone number, or authorize a payment through your mobile app even after sharing your location with the merchant.

Some are arguing that the credit card company could divert transactions made with its own proprietary credit cards to paypal. Either way, the partnership does motivate a competition over digital wallets. Google Wallet already has its hand in the market but will they be able to compete? Even those without phones will be able to use their paypal account to pay for their merchandise.

However it doesn’t end there.

Other stores including Wal-Mart, Target, and 7 Eleven formed a new company called Merchant Customer Exchange to develop another competing mobile-payment system.