California Wildfires

Around 1,200 firefighters fought fires today(Monday Aug 20 2012) in forests throughout the towns of Manton, Shingletown, and Viola. The fires have threatened at least 3,000 homes in northern california. The fire began just on Saturday and has destroyed more than 23 square miles near the three towns mentioned about 170 miles north of Sacramento.

This is not the first problem california has had with fires. Any resident in california has had his/her share of wildfire evacuation. Here are some few tips to help you be prepared in case you need to evacuate you and your family:

  • The “California Fire Season” is from July to October. With droughts fires can be even worse. Be prepared and well stocked with emergency supplies during these months.
  • Get An Fire Evacuation Kit. This kit will contain the majority of things found in a survival kit but may include extra first aid for burns, water, and a fire extinguisher. A good fire extinguisher can be purchased for cheap these days. I like to have one in my kitchen and a smaller one in my emergency kit in my car. I have heard of people trapped and having to drive their cars through fires. I would never recommend this as your car could explode but in certain situations it might be your only option.
  • Store important contact information in your phone. This can be stored as ICE (in case of an emergency) contacts and contain phone numbers or addresses of family/friends you can contact for help. Let people know where you are and where you are going when evacuating.
  • Your life is more important than your property. People sometimes get confused and end up killing themselves because they refuse to evacuate their home. I have no idea what is going on in their heads when they make this decision. (Up to 20 percent of homeowners in a mandatory fire evacuation area) stay put,You should always keep your priorities straight. Make up your mind to put life first now so when the emergency comes you have already made the decision.

Remember that in an emergency it is too late to prepare.

Items you will need when Evacuating:

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