Don the Guru

Life would be easier if we had the source code.

Grading GURU

Did you know on average a teacher spends 1.5 hours a day grading? This is according to survey that was […]

OMS Portal

This started off as a side project and later became a major product that is sold by Intergraph today. Intergraph, […]

Yellow Pages Scraper

A click-once application I wrote in C# a while back to scrape yellow pages. You put in a keyword and […]


GeoKnock was designed with door to door knocking in mind. There wasn’t much out there to help people track their […]

Facebook Friend Map

This was my first facebook app. It helped you visualize where most of your friends & family live. The new […]

Local SEO Pages

I started this project with the intention to help friends and family with small businesses get an online presence that […]