GeoKnock was designed with door to door knocking in mind. There wasn’t much out there to help people track their customers, areas, follow-ups, or progress when they were door to door knocking. GeoKnock is an android app that I worked on that was very useful tool for door to door salesmen and missionaries. It allowed you to mark features (points, lines, and polygons) on a map and tie attributes to those features. The idea was to have GeoKnock Base and then adapt and designed it for specific use cases. At the time my main focus was for pest control salesmen.

GeoKnock Pest Control
(Closed Beta – Not enough users)

  • Mark callbacks on map – Never forget to follow-up with those potential customers again.
  • Mark customers on map – Know who in that neighborhood is an existing customer to help with the sale.
  • Mark neighborhoods – Keep track of your good and bad areas and even rate them.
  • Scale to team or company – Share with others what you want and even let them make updates.
  • Get Directions – Get turn by turn directions to customers & callbacks. No more getting lost while doing sprays.
  • Customization – Change icons & colors to what you want.
  • and More..


  • Android